Écrans LED du théâtre national mexicain de SoStron

dimanche 23 novembre 2014 à 16:00:00 GMT+00:00

sPad is a standard product from SoStron product range, which could be used for both fixed installation and rental events. Standard cabinet size is 500x500mm, combined with big cabinet size 500x500mm, easy to set up big LED screen for the events. Thanks to the intelligent curve locks, possible to make concave and convex LED screen, could helps to make more creative stage performance. Above pictures shows our latest projects in Mexico, more than 100sqm sPad P2.9 indoor LED modules were used for this big events, it's a combination of concave and convex screen, more than 10 million pixels lights on. It's an urgent rental events, SoStron finished the production within only 1 week, workers working day and night to reach fast delivery. If you have any such request, feel fee to contact with our sales team: [email protected].